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" Leave the door a little open - " for florencedrunk

Title: Leave the door a little open -
Author: shopfront
Recipient: florencedrunk
Relationship(s): Pre-Bill Potts/River Song
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2099
Warnings: None
Summary: - and walk on through.

When the TARDIS decides to trap Bill inside, alone, the person who comes to her rescue isn't who Bill expects.

Leave the door a little open -
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Prompts open to everyone

Finally the last pinch hits are coming in and it's time:

All Public Call 2018 prompts/requests are public on AO3!

You can write treats (additional stories) for the participants whether or not you're signed up for the challenge. Just pick a prompt, write, and upload your story to the Public Call 2018 collection, gifting it to the recipient in question. (There's a quick how-to under the cut at the end of this post.)

Treats will be revealed on December 21st (after all regular gifts have been revealed). You have until then to write and post treats. Have fun!

How to post a treat: Go to the collection page and click the "post to collection" button (upper right, under the collection title). Under "Gift this work to", fill in your recipient's name. That's all!
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"The Sky at the End of Everything" for ANGSWIN

Title: The Sky at the End of Everything
Author: galfridian
Recipient: ANGSWIN
Relationship(s): Fifth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Doctor/Rose Tyler
Rating: Teen
Word count: 13671
Warnings: None
Summary: Rose finds herself returned to her original reality—with no recollection of how. Then she meets the Fifth Doctor.

The Sky at the End of Everything
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"Spark of Life" for shopfront

Title: Spark of Life
Author: AuroraCloud
Recipient: shopfront
Relationship(s): Twelfth Doctor & Bill Potts, Thirteenth Doctor & Bill Potts, Thirteenth Doctor/Bill Potts
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2427
Warnings: Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: Suddenly, it's the end for Bill's Doctor. Except that it's also a beginning, and Bill is there to see it.

Canon divergence AU, where Bill didn't join the Doctor for that last fateful adventure in "World Enough and Time". Everything else from the Series 10 finale happens, but he comes back to her. And then there's an explosion of light and a blonde woman with a Yorkshire accent.

Spark of Life
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Time's up!

Another year's deadline has passed. Thank you to everyone who uploaded a story! We can't wait for December to show them all off. :)

And good luck to those of you who have received an extension - thanks for sending in your drafts!