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Pinch-Hit 1 TAKEN

We have our first pinch-hit for the year.

If you can help out and write a story for for one of the relationships listed below, please reply with your AO3 name. Many thanks! :)

  • Jethro Cane/Tenth Doctor
  • Sky Silvestry/Sky Silvestry's Ex (Doctor Who: Midnight)
  • Lee McAvoy/Donna Noble


Jethro Cane/Tenth Doctor

Jethro is clever and observant and brave and so clearly misunderstood and underappreciated by his parents that it's a shame he never got a chance to be a companion. I'd love to see the Doctor meet back up with him and offer him another adventure, even if it's just the one trip. I don't have any particular headcanons as to where they might go, maybe somewhere with music involved? Anything works so long as Jethro feels seen and heard.

I ship them so feel free to go as shippy as you like, though a gen adventure is of course fine too.

Sky Silvestry/Sky Silvestry's Ex (Doctor Who: Midnight)

Who was Sky's ex is my big question here. Were they dating, engaged, married, sharing a flat and a cat? What caused her to need her space so badly and what were they fighting about? Or, what about a happier moment of their lives together before everything fell apart. How did they meet? Where was their first date? What drew them to each other?

Alternatively, does she ever find out what happened to Sky? Either because of the Doctor or just in general? How does she feel about it, if anything at all.

Lee McAvoy/Donna Noble

Please give them a fix-it. Either Donna finds him immediately in the Library and they get to be together right them, or circumstances reunite them later on. I'm not picky about whether they end up happily ever after forever but Lee calling out for Donna but never finding her breaks my heart. Maybe Lee comes with on further adventures in the TARDIS or Donna settles down with him in his present. Or maybe Lee's a man of few ties and is just happy to live with Donna back in the 21st century, so she brings him around to meet her mum and grandad.

Alternatively I'd be excited for any fic that gives me more background or insight into Lee as a person would be cool. Why had he come to the Library on that day everyone got saved? What was he doing in life? How did his stutter come about? How did he feel about his experience in the simulation?
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