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List of accepted nominations for Public Call 2018

These are all the character combinations ("relationships") that are eligible this round. You can request or offer them in your sign-up.

Remember that for matching purposes it is required that you request and offer at least one "relationship" consisting only of New Who or Torchwood characters. That means you need to pick at least one relationship from the first two sections of this list.

New Who

  • Bill Potts/Christina de Souza

  • Bill Potts/Petronella Osgood

  • Bill Potts/River Song

  • Bill Potts/Rose Tyler

  • Clara Oswin Oswald/Bill Potts

  • Clara Oswin Oswald/Christina de Souza

  • Clara Oswin Oswald/Reinette | Jeanne Antoinette Poisson

  • Clara Oswin Oswald/River Song

  • Clara Oswin Oswald/Rose Tyler

  • Eleventh Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Eleventh Doctor/River Song

  • Eleventh Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Heather (Doctor Who: The Pilot)/Bill Potts

  • Jack Harkness/Martha Jones

  • Jack Harkness/Missy

  • Jack Harkness/River Song

  • Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler

  • Jenny (Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter)/Christina de Souza

  • Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra

  • Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra/Miss Montague | Clara Oswin Oswald (The Snowmen)

  • Jethro Cane/Tenth Doctor

  • Joan Redfern/John Smith (Human Nature & Family of Blood)

  • John Smith (Human Nature & Family of Blood)/Professor Yana

  • Kate Lethbridge-Stewart/Petronella Osgood

  • Kate Lethbridge-Stewart/Sarah Jane Smith

  • Lee McAvoy/Donna Noble

  • Martha Jones/Bill Potts

  • Martha Jones/Rose Tyler

  • Metacrisis Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm)

  • Metacrisis Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald

  • Missy/River Song

  • Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler

  • Ninth Doctor/Joan Redfern

  • Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • River Song/Ashildr | Lady Me

  • River Song/Christina de Souza

  • Sarah Jane Smith/Rose Tyler

  • Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm)

  • Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler

  • Tenth Doctor/Joan Redfern

  • Tenth Doctor/Professor Yana

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Bill Potts

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Graham O'Brien

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Missy

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Kate Lethbridge-Stewart

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Missy

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Reinette | Jeanne Antoinette Poisson

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Ryan Sinclair

  • Thirteenth Doctor/River Song

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan

  • Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan/Graham O'Brien/Ryan Sinclair

  • Twelfth Doctor/Bill Potts

  • Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald

  • Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Missy

  • Twelfth Doctor/Missy

  • Twelfth Doctor/Nardole

  • Twelfth Doctor/River Song

  • Twelfth Doctor/Rose Tyler


  • Esther Drummond/Jack Harkness

  • Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato

  • Mary (Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts)/Toshiko Sato

  • Esther Drummond/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones

  • Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones

Classic Who

  • Ace McShane/Tegan Jovanka

  • Ace McShane/Sarah Jane Smith

  • Jo Grant/Sarah Jane Smith

  • Second Doctor/Ben Jackson/Jamie McCrimmon/Polly Wright

  • Second Doctor/Jamie McCrimmon

  • Second Doctor/Jamie McCrimmon/Victoria Waterfield

  • Second Doctor/Zoe Heriot/Jamie McCrimmon

  • Seventh Doctor/Ace McShane

  • Susan Foreman/Tegan Jovanka

  • Tegan Jovanka/Nyssa of Traken

  • Third Doctor/The Master (Delgado)

  • Zoe Heriot/Isobel Watkins

  • Zoe Heriot/Jamie McCrimmon

  • Zoe Heriot/Victoria Waterfield

Sarah Jane Adventures

  • Maria Jackson/Sarah Jane Smith

Mixed Era Relationships, Big Finish and others

  • Ace McShane/Bill Potts

  • Ace McShane/Clara Oswin Oswald

  • Ace McShane/Thomas "Hex" Schofield

  • Alternate Timeline Ianto Jones (Torchwood: Shrouded)/Jack Harkness

  • Bill Potts/Susan Foreman

  • Eighth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Eighth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Esther Drummond/River Song

  • Fifth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • First Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Fifth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • First Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Fourth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Fourth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Irving Braxiatel/Bernice Summerfield

  • Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/River Song

  • Jethro Cane/Luke Smith

  • Metacrisis Tenth Doctor/The Master (Ainley)

  • Ninth Doctor/Ace McShane

  • Nyssa of Traken/River Song

  • Petronella Osgood/Toshiko Sato

  • Second Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Second Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Seventh Doctor/Bernice Summerfield

  • Seventh Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Seventh Doctor/Thomas "Hex" Schofield

  • Seventh Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Sixth Doctor/Evelyn Smythe

  • Sixth Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Sixth Doctor/Rose Tyler

  • Tenth Doctor/The Master (Delgado)

  • The Doctor | Theta Sigma/The Master | Koschei (Doctor Who: Academy Era)

  • Third Doctor/Jack Harkness

  • Third Doctor/Rose Tyler

Let us know if you notice any mistakes!

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