Trobadora (trobadora) wrote in public_call,

Nominations query & reminder

Six days left to nominate! If you haven't nominated yet, now's the time! In the mean time, here's a request for clarification, plus a reminder:

Request for clarifcation

Nominated relationship Eleventh Doctor/Melody Pond: Since Melody Pond is River Song's birth name, we're not quite sure what the nominator was going for. Could you explain/clarify, please?

If we don't hear back, we'll approve this as Eleventh Doctor/River Song.

Nominations reminder

Relationships should be formatted with slashes (A/B), not ampersands (A & B) - to make matching easier, we don't separate romantic/sexual and platonic relationships. We will not be approving nominations with ampersands, so if you nominated any such relationships, please change your nominations to the correct format.

In general, please make sure you've read the nominations instructions carefully before nominating!

Full nominations instructions | 2018 Rules & FAQ
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