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Pinch-Hit #2

We have another pinch-hit!

If you can help out and write a story for for one of the relationships listed below, please reply with your AO3 name. Many thanks! :)

  • Twelfth Doctor/Nardole/Bill Potts
  • Twelfth Doctor/Nardole
  • Twelfth Doctor/Susan Foreman
  • Eighth Doctor/Twelfth Doctor/Fitz Kreiner
  • Twelfth Doctor/Donna Noble
  • Twelfth Doctor/Vislor Turlough
  • Ninth Doctor/Vislor Turlough
  • Seventh Doctor/Ace McShane/Bill Potts
  • Susan Foreman/Bill Potts Bill Potts/Ace McShane
  • Twelfth Doctor/Erica (The Pyramid at the End of the World)
  • Twelfth Doctor/The Doctor's TARDIS
  • Fifth Doctor/Vislor Turlough
  • Twelfth Doctor/Martha Jones
  • Twelfth Doctor/Bill Potts

Likes: Gen, femslash, hurt/comfort, time travel, learning from past mistakes, alien cultural weirdness, friends taking care of each other, blackmail, companions or Doctors from different eras meeting without realizing it, random sword fights, science, explosions, the Doctor knowing more than he lets on, the Doctor having no idea what's going on but pretending otherwise
DNW: Non-con, incest

The relationships I've chosen can be categorized into a few basic categories:

Turlough prompts. I really like Turlough's initial story arc with the Guardians where he's being the most reluctant assassin in the universe in exchange for his freedom (and Five may or may not be completely aware of the situation the entire time). I'm also interested in how he fared after returning home to Trion, and how his life experiences would affect his interactions with post-Time War Doctors. Or, what would happen if he met a future Doctor while still under the Black Guardian's control? Or, what if the Twelfth Doctor took a job as a substitute teacher at his school while he was in exile on Earth?

Bill Potts Excellent Adventures. I adored Twelve and Bill and Nardole's quirky and slightly dysfunctional TARDIS dynamic and am sad that we only got one series to enjoy it. Any missing adventures or tales from the days when Bill thought Twelve was just her very strange foster tutor. There was a lot of speculation that Bill might end up being an amnesiac Susan or that Susan was her mother or something. It all turned out unfounded, but I would be interested in what would have happened in a universe where it was true. Or, what would happen if Bill and Susan met. Would they form a connection? What would happen if she met Ace? If she met Seven?

Twelfth Doctor Prompts. Twelve spent most of the twentieth century on Earth. He probably bumped into a lot of past companions. What if he bumped into his own grand-daughter? How would he react if Fitz asked him for help dealing with amnesia!Eight? Does he try to fix Donna after his own mind wipe experience? Does he stay in touch with Martha? What is his relationship with Nardole like? Does it change over time? Does Nardole ever "kick the Doctor's ass" to keep him safe? Is there a reason they're staying on Earth guarding Missy other than the fact that the Doctor made a vow? I spent all of series 10 waiting to find out who originally ordered Missy's execution and if they were the sort to do serious damage to the Doctor if he was found breaking contract. I'm also really curious about Twelve's relationship with the TARDIS at this point. They spent a lot of time apart at the end of series 9. Then she was grounded in an office for nearly a century. And now she's abandoning him mid-adventure for reasons that are never fully explained.

That AU Where Twelve and Erica and Bill and Nardole all Travel the Universe Together. Exactly what it says on the tin.

The deadline for this Pinch Hit is 26th November. Thank you very much!
Tags: !pinch-hitting, 2017
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