Trobadora (trobadora) wrote in public_call,

Public Call: Pinch-Hitting

Real life has a way of happening, and there are always participants who, for one reason or another, can't finish their assignment. That's when we need pinch-hitters to step in for them, so everyone will receive their gift in December.

If you might be able to help out, please read the following!

All you need is an AO3 account. (You can request one here if you don't have one.)

Pinch-hits will be posted in two places:
  • on this community (You can track the community to be notified immediately when a new post is made.)

  • on the Public Call Pinch-Hitters mailing list: (If you join the list you will receive email notifications immediately when a pinch-hit goes out.)

Once a pinch-hit is posted, if you'd like to take it either reply to the email or comment on the post with your AO3 name and email address (comments will be screened). If the pinch-hit hasn't already been taken by someone else, we'll email you to tell you it's yours, and will assign it to your AO3 account.

Except for last-minute pinch-hits, the deadline is the same as for regular assignments: 24th November.

(Many thanks to anyone who can help!)
Tags: !admin, !pinch-hitting
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