November 3rd, 2015

Public Call Mod
  • navaan

Posting a gift to the AO3

Assignments have gone out some time ago, the first gifts are coming in, and your mods hope writing is going well for everyone! Some of you might want to post your finished gift stories, but may be unfamiliar with the AO3.

The easiest way to post a gift story to the Archive of Our Own is to use the “Assignments” page. You can find a link to your assignments page on your dashboard. (Go to your profile and look at the column on the left or hover over your username and icon at the top to get the drop down menu to show.)

On your dashboard the menu looks like this:

On the dropdown menu it will look like this:

The url should look like this:

On this page you will see a list of all your assignments. Look for the correct Collection Name and year that will be listed alongside the name of your recipient. In this case look for “Public Call - Doctor Who fic exchange 2017 for [name of recipient]". To the right you'll see two buttons saying “Fulfill” and “Default”. To post your story click the “Fulfill” button and it will automatically fill out the posting form with the correct collection, assignment and recipient tags.

This is how it should look like:

However, the system can only recognize one posted story as your official entry to the exchange, but it's possible to write and post more than one story for your recipient. If you want to post another story after your assignment was fulfilled, simply open theposting form and under “Associations” put in the relevant information like the correct collection name (Public Call - Doctor Who fic exchange 2017 check for the correct collection name in the previously posted story or search for it by entering Public Call and look for the right challenge in the options the auto complete will give you) and write the name of your recipient into the “Gift this work to” field.

Once you've uploaded, you can continue editing until the collection is closed to entries. We ask you not to upload unfinished stories.

If you run into any trouble while posting, please let us know!