September 23rd, 2015

Public Call Mod

Reminder & Requests for clarification

Nominations are still open until Sunday 27th September. If you haven't nominated yet, now's the time! In the mean time, here are a few reminders and a request for clarification:

Nominations reminders:
  1. Different incarnations of a Time Lord or Lady count as different characters for this, so people will be able to select exactly which version they want to request or offer. We will not be approving relationships with general identities (such as "The Doctor", "The Master", "Romana") - please specify a version!

  2. Relationships should be formatted with slashes (A/B), not ampersands (A & B) - to make matching easier, we don't separate romantic/sexual and platonic relationships.
Full nominations instructions | 2015 Rules & FAQ

Requests for clarification:

If you've nominated:
  • Fourth Doctor/Romana
  • The Doctor/Clara Oswald/Ace McShane
  • The Doctor/The Master

please clarify which version of Romana, the Doctor, and/or the Master you're nominating, and we will then add the relationship to the tag set accordingly. Thank you!

(You can see the list of approved tags so far here. Let us know if you notice any mistakes!)