September 17th, 2014

Public Call Mod
  • navaan

Questions about Nominated Tags

Nominations are, of course, still running, but we’re trying to approve tags as we go and some questions have come up. Nominations can be made here.

Nominations will remain open until September 29th.

Most of the nominated relationships have already been checked and approved, but we do have some questions and reminders. We do have a relationship tag nominated that is not unambiguous and for that reason hasen't been approved yet:

  • Twelfth Doctor/Romana

If you've nominated this tag we need you to clarify which version of Romana you're nominating and we will then add the tag to the tag set accordingly. (Possibilities would be Romana I, Romana II, future!Romana, original!Romana etc., just so writer and requester know exactly what they are signing up for during the exchange.)

Please let us now in the comments.

We also had some wrongly formatted relationship tags that we changed and approved in different form. If you have any questions about the changes you can ask for clarification here in the comments. Also check our post on nominations process and rules for more information on how to format the tags.

Please also check the list of approved tags here. If you notice any mistakes just leave a comment on this post and we'll fix it.