navaan (navaan) wrote in public_call,

Reminder and Asking for Clarifications

Nominations close next Monday, at around 22:00 pm (GMT) (what time is that for me?) So it's time to get in your final nominations!

Nominations can be made here.

Most of the nominated relationships have already been checked and approved. We do have two relationship tags that are not unambiguous and for that reason haven't been approved yet:

  • Eleventh Doctor/The Master (Doctor Who)

  • Jenny/River Song

If you've nominated one of these tags we need you to clarify which version of the Master or which “Jenny” (Jenny Flint, Jenny (Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter), ...) you're nominating. Go here for more information on tag formats. Please change your tags accordingly and we'll approve them right away!

Please also check the list of approved tags here. If you notice any mistakes just leave a comment on this post and we'll fix it.
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